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Hello - Meet Our Founder!

New Nation Goddess, Inc. (DBA NNG Consulting, NNG University & NNG Publishing) is owned by Brittany Walker - an Entrepreneurial Consulting Expert, Plant-Based Nutritionist and Author.  We are here to serve, heal and educate you on how to acquire generational wealth through financial freedom and achieving optimal health.

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Our Story

Brittany is a lover of serving others and aims to help the underrepresented (people of color, women and LGBTQ+) elevate to their highest frequency. Her previous experience includes being a former Biology Professor, Restaurateur, retired Chef, and Operations guru afforded her the skills to develop expertise in more than 15 industries. After experiencing an unethical diversity, equity and inclusion encounter in her last position in Corporate America, Brittany vowed to seek true financial freedom and help others do the same as we are the true leaders of the "New Nation". A true alchemist and a firm advocate for optimal health, she works diligently to ensure those she is meant to serve are evolving mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. In 2017, Brittany transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle, which allowed her to lose more than 80lbs holistically. She reversed more than 10 diagnoses including Type 2 Diabetes, Bipolar II Disorder, Ovarian Cystitis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This capricious period ignited a passion within that she could educate the masses about preventing and/or eliminating chronic illnesses through developing positive health outcomes. This galvanism drives Brittany to serve POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PEACEFUL strategies as she fulfills her purpose.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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