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Melina L. - Book Review

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"This is not an easy walk in the park, but it is definitely worth it. There will be times when you want to give up but overcoming the obstacles will supersede the desire to quit.
NNG’s Formula to Kick Cramp’s Ass by Brittany Walker is a blueprint to naturally get rid of menstrual cramps (NNG stands for New Nation Goddess). Please note that the author is not a doctor but is a Plant-Based Nutritionist, former Biology Professor and retired Chef, who has found a solution that works well for herself after doing her own research & trials. It involves a plant based diet with no alcohol, regular fitness session & the positive impact of certain spices as well as how the use of hygiene products affects our body as well.
It's a concise but fair assessment of understanding how what we consume effects our menstrual cycles and whe its not something that's a shocker, when you read about someone else's experience when there's a change in lifestyle which has led to positive results it does show that there could be some merit in at least giving it a try.
Now, I'm not someone who has terrible cramps on a regular basis so I don't take medication, but if you are someone that suffers during your cycle I would recommend giving this a read to help you understand what you could do differently if you feel that traditional methods do not work.
Rated 8/10"
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To all our women out there, who else is tired of the shit that menstruation puts us through?!


Excruciating cramps, heavy bleeding, uterine health conditions, and PMS symptoms present themselves throughout our lives. Month after month of no symptoms with jaunty days would be too much like perfect or an unattainable dream. Manifest thoroughly enough and you shall receive!


We are here to serve you with a formula that may decrease or eliminate your menstrual cramps if followed precisely. Let New Nation Goddess demonstrate how to Kick Cramp’s Ass!

Signed Copy

Get your signed copy of "NNG's Formula to Kick Cramp's Ass!  A blueprint to naturally get rid of menstrual cramps"

Garnet Bookmark

Garnet aids in improving your menstrual cycle by normalizing blood flow, decreasing inflammation and regulating hormones.  Get your bookmark now!


Goddess Box

A menstrual self-care box that features:

  1. A signed copy of "NNG's Formula to Kick Cramp's Ass!"

  2. Garnet bookmark

  3. Disposable menstrual discs

  4. All-natural feminine wipes

  5. Womb wellness tea

  6. Chrysocolla tea diffuser

  7. Bath salts

The book is available in paperback & ebook on all platforms globally.  Order below by selecting your preferred distribution outlet.

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