Kick Cramp's Ass - Book Tour (Texas Edition)

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Excruciating cramps, heavy bleeding, uterine health conditions and PMS symptoms present themselves throughout the majority of our lives. Month after month of no symptoms with jaunty days would almost be too much like perfect or an unattainable dream. Manifest thoroughly enough and you shall receive! We are here to serve you with a formula that may decrease or eliminate your menstrual cramps if followed precisely.


Come out and join us as we present the "Kick Cramp's Ass" Book Tour - Author Talk & Signing where each individual will be able to discuss painful periods and acquire applicable knowledge to naturally get rid of cramps!


Book: NNG's Formula to Kick Cramp's Ass! A blueprint to naturally get rid of menstrual cramps


Author & Host: Brittany Walker, Founder of New Nation Goddess, Inc. | Plant-Based Nutritionist


Foreword By & Moderator: J. Williams, Founder of Soler Eclipse | SSG, U.S. Army


What to Expect?!

  • Lucrative gems being dropped that will aid in kicking cramp's ass

  • Dialogue with essential tools and knowledge

  • Delectable refreshments


  • Network with fellow Goddesses

  • Shopping opportunities

  • Raffle Giveaways totaling up to $2,000!

  • Take home grab bag

  • Opportunity to vibe with AMAZING energy!


This complimentary event is open to the public however you will need to register in order to be eligible for the raffle giveaway.


We look forward to serving and connecting with you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at


Thank you and see you soon!

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Happiness Happens Holistically Webinar

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In honor of Black Business Month, National Wellness Month and Happiness Happens Month, New Nation Goddess, Inc. is hosting a webinar to celebrate and highlight what it is like to be a melanin entrepreneur, acquire peace and achieve optimal wellness!


Come out and join us as we present the "Happiness Happens Holistically" Webinar featuring Dr. Ashley Wade where we will deep dive into applicable knowledge to become your BEST self!


Guest Speaker: Dr. Ashley Wade | Founder of ADH Pharmacy Consulting, LLC - Pharmacist, Wellness Advocate & Author |