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Are you Making the Ancestors Proud?

Before you go hard with content and become a 28-day activist, have you considered if the ancestors are proud of you. Or are they shaking their heads on how you represent their blood, sweat and tears. We celebrate Black History 365 so we know we are doing our part however let's fill in the blank. I am making my ancestors proud by ______________________________________________.

If you cannot fill in the blank then it's time to go to the drawing board for some soul searching. You must refuse to be shackled by continued slavery systems. Do not fall victim to the brainwashing tactics that leaves you pissing off the ancestors. Take time to define your purpose in this lifetime. And how will that purpose serve others so we can circulate melanin dollars and build a sustainable economy.

"Bringing the gifts that the ancestors gave, I am the hope and dream of the slave." - Maya Angelou


What's the Chai (tea)?!

Tea, gems or whatever you choose to call resources these days...Chai actually means "life" or "living" in Hebrew therefore what are we serving that will aid in transcending your life?! From entrepreneur knowledge to enhancing your optimal wellness, check out the resources that speak to you the most!

Being Played by a Puppeteer

Still Keeping Up with the Joneses?!

He Bought Back His Ancestor's Land & Now Provides Sustainability

Blame it on the Goose

Lick of the month

Freedom to Be

You Too Can Kick Cramp's Ass


Being Played by a Puppeteer

Be mindful of who you idolize as your desires, words and actions are intentional. If you choose to worship a celebrity yet do not show yourself the same amount of love and respect then show yourself some more grace. Just because a famous individual advises you to do something does not mean that it is the right thing to do. Just think back to when you were younger and a family member provided you with advice yet you discovered after evolving that it is negative, toxic or just plain out not a good resolution. You have to operate the same with who the media portrays as our leaders.

  1. You are your own leader. It is perfectly fine not to follow what everyone else is doing.

  2. Do not allow society to peer pressure you into doing something that does not align with your purpose.

  3. Be able to recognize when a celebrity is ego-driven versus being a genuine human being.

  4. Facades are meant to hide the truth! Just because the individual is Black or supports a cause you are passionate about does not mean that their foundation or tactics are not tainted. Examples: Kamala Harris is the first Black woman Vice President yet she put thousands of black men behind bars for minimal amounts of marijuana with severe sentencing increasing the slavery for colossal organizations like Wal-Mart, Wayfair & Victoria Secrets. Tabitha Brown is so sweet and America's favorite Auntie however her seasoning brand is owned my McCormick which includes the most harsh chemicals and GMO's in their products catered to urban and low-income areas. Pinky Cole from Slutty Vegan set the South on fire with her burgers and making moves in the vegan industry. The burger patties are Beyond & Impossible brands owned by Bill Gates and associated with Monsanto which produces harmful food items contributing to the rise of chronic illnesses and deaths in the United States.

  5. Do your research before being led blindly! There is plenty of information available for you to learn more about your real history, legitimate systems that will increase your knowledge and skills plus guide you through your evolution.


Still Keeping Up with the Joneses?!

Becoming financially literate is an essential investment for your life. Endless scrolling on your mobile device or staring into the television binge watching a trendy series can be substituted for your wealth building journey. Who cares if she is rocking the latest designer bag? Or he just posted about his lavish fine dining experience? Did any of that money circulate melanin dollars back into our economy? HELL NO! The fear of missing out, jealousy or even anger that you feel as you watch these people live their whole best imposter syndrome life, are all emotions that you can control and will not care once you are truly at peace.

Saving money is the most essential part of wealth building. You need to be able to minimize your expenses all while increasing your revenue streams. As you get a chance to maximize from your profits, use portions of the funds to reinvest in each business endeavor. You will have plenty of time to reward yourself later however you should budget accordingly now and free yourself of any unnecessary purchases.

Keeping up with the Joneses will lead you to a path of destruction. Do not force yourself to live or abide by somebody else's perspective on what life should be like or what makes them happy. Be selfish and make this about you! Determine what sets your soul on fire and what passion lives freely in your brain to serve others. Be patient and gentle with yourself as you unlearn what has been normal for you and transition into another version of yourself. And guess what?! This does not have to be a play by play of all of your changes on social media, to your family or even your friends. Real G's move in silence like lasagna...


He Bought Back His Ancestor's Land & Now Provides Sustainability

Transcend with NNG podcast's season 2, episode 5 premiering on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 (available 12:00am PST) is coming in hot! We are kicking Black History Month off with Patrick Brown, Entrepreneur and Agricultural Expert from Brown Family Farm DBA The Connect Group, LLC and Hempfinity. He was able to go back, buy his ancestor's land then capitalized by contributing to sustainable development goals. Not only does he have a farm but an amazing wellness company providing hemp healing products and offers agricultural consulting services. Can we say this is the true definition of an agricultural revolution!

We are so excited to present some intellectual, high vibrational and overall dope energies to elaborate more on the "8 Frequencies of Elevation" program and guidance on your path to becoming your best self. Wealth & Wellness Wednesdays are going to be serving you POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PEACEFUL strategies!

Be sure to peruse season 1 or recap so you are ready to hit the ground running with us. We are still accepting listener mail this season and look forward to providing you with gems that will aid in your overall success. We are available on Anchor, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music.


Blame it on the Goose...

In the words of Jamie Foxx, “Blame it on the Goose, got you feeling loose. Blame it on the Patron, got you in the zone. Blame it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol.”

After a stressful or demanding day, you may want to pour up a glass or two of wine to decompress. You had a successful week and would like to cheers while meeting up with some friends for Happy Hour. This appears to be common activities, right?! Medical information states that drinking no more than 1 glass a day is not harmful, however we must be mindful of how alcohol increases the estrogen levels in the body. The higher the estrogen is in your body, the more likely to have an influx in inflammation which we want to avoid as an Endo Warrior. Frequent drinking may make you prone to resist insulin which can cause the pancreas to go into overdrive to maintain proper insulin levels thus causing unnecessary inflammation for the body. The sugar in alcohol has the tendency to block anti-inflammatory prostaglandins therefore welcoming inflammation into the body. When you are living with endometriosis, it’s “HELL NO, INFLAMMATION MUST GO!”

You can continue reading the full article originally published on Endo Black's website and in association with their January 2023 newsletter here. Period poverty is a major issue in the United States and we would like to spread awareness in order to aid in legitimate womb wellness.


Lick of the Month

The best way to build wealth is to generate multiple forms of revenue streams. This may discourage entrepreneurs because it may seem overwhelming to have multiple jobs let alone operate several business all at the same time. The key is to make money while you sleep through passive income. Digital products (podcasts, courses, books, etc.), stocks, investments, affiliate marketing, royalties and vending machines tend to be the easiest to develop.

We want to highlight different "licks of the month" that you can try to not be just a side hustle but an actual resource to cover your expenses and liabilities. For instance, having a stream of revenue for your personal bills, another for your business expenses, another for your investments (this includes re-investing into your businesses), another for your savings, another for compounding, another for your personal expenses non-bill related and another for your rainy day fund.

Let’s talk stocks! There’s different types such as large-cap, preferred or growth stocks. Educate yourself through research, taking a course or seeking assistance from an expert. Budget (bi-weekly or monthly) the amount you want to invest based on the stocks that you are most interested in. Don’t think that you can budget it? Let go of food deliveries, Amazon orders, streaming, monthly subscriptions, non-necessity shopping or alcohol for 1 month (we mentioned this above with avoiding spending unnecessary money in our Still Keeping Up With the Joneses section). Research which software or app to manage your portfolio. Get your feet wet and seek guidance as much as needed. We were referred to M1 Finance in 2021 however do what’s best for you!


Freedom to Be...

Spoken Black Girl released their first ever digital magazine featuring 20 women of color expressing their literary work through poems, essays, short stories and visual art. The theme was freedom and each woman articulated words of sentiment, intensity and even gratitude. We were honored to be one of the contributors highlighting what freedom looks like for a Black/melanin lesbian navigating as a feminist and activist.

Freedom to be a lesbian feminist

I am proud to admire a woman’s physique

Fighting for the underrepresented as their activist

A melanated lesbian that’s a geek is unique

Freedom to be a plant-based aficionado

Emancipating myself from taunting diseases

Using the gifts the ancestors gave is my motto

Advocating for optimal health with daily seizes

Freedom to be a womb alchemist

Embodying Aja, African Orisha of herbal healers

Guiding my people & our culture as a catalyst

Transcending combined with no chemicals revealed her

You can continue reading the full article originally published in Spoken Black Girl's magazine, Issue 4: Freedom here.


You Too Can Kick Cramp's Ass!

To all our women out there, who else is tired of the shit that menstruation puts us through?

Excruciating cramps, heavy bleeding, uterine health conditions, and PMS symptoms present themselves throughout our lives. Month after month of no symptoms with jaunty days would be too much like perfect or an unattainable dream. Manifest thoroughly enough and you shall receive!

We are here to serve you with a formula that may decrease or eliminate your menstrual cramps if followed precisely. Let New Nation Goddess demonstrate how to Kick Cramp’s Ass!

A signed copy of the book, crystal bookmark or Goddess Box is available on our website by selecting here. Book can be purchased on all other platforms as well. Nutrition therapy opportunities are available and you can reserve a consultation here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

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