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Take Advantage Now: Establish a Legacy Plan

Updated: Jan 1

This is the perfect opportunity to establish various forms of wealth and to strategically yet legitimately structure your entities therefore developing what some may see as an estate, endowment, heritage or inheritance for future offspring and/or causes. Acquiring valuable resources from reputable individuals, cultivating a realistic plan of action and proactively pursuing your vision will be fundamental for your success. Are you planning for this year only? Are you manifesting revenue to solely purchase materialistic items? Is your business based on the clout and recognition you have gained from unsubstantial factors?

We once surrendered to the idea of what society has projected what makes a successful business. Spending countless hours grinding & not sleeping, following in the same footsteps as social media influencers & celebrities, having to broadcast your private life to maintain an algorithm or certain amount of likes...pretty much selling your soul to gain some form of popularity all while sipping a large dose of imposter syndrome. After the multiple days of our energy being sucked dry and feeling more rich and no where near wealthy, we discovered what applicable changes needed to be made and departed a comfortable yet stressful lifestyle for the journey of what our purpose is in this lifetime.

As we serve, heal and educate who we are meant to - we want to share some recommendations of what works for us and we hope that you are willing to shift your mindset and see if any of it works for you!


What's the Chai (tea)?!

Tea, gems or whatever you choose to call resources these days...Chai actually means "life" or "living" in Hebrew therefore what are we serving that will aid in transcending your life?! From entrepreneur knowledge to enhancing your optimal wellness, check out the resources that speak to you the most!

Why unplugging is needed in entrepreneurship?

Beyonce is "Queen B" but not a billionaire!

Transcend with NNG in 2023!

Detox, Restore, Repeat!

Lick of the month

According to Erykah Badu, are you the 5, 10 or 85%

New Nation Goddess galvanizes in 2023!


Why unplugging is needed in entrepreneurship?

We closed on 10/24/2022 to recalibrate and this time was much needed! Our solar return (birthday) was 10/28 and this was a perfect start to the most creative time frame that we designated for our businesses. After all of the festivities, we immediately began to enhance our legacy plan of action. Completely shutting off from the world (family, friends, social media, etc.) allowed us ample moments to be present and fully devoted to serving others while building wealth and achieving optimal wellness. Pivotal junctures include:

  1. Researched Pandora's Papers and how this legitimate process to structure your business entities can be applied to our endeavors. The resource was provided by DJ Moultrie of the Black Equity Network and you can learn more about this topic on "Wealth Stored for the Righteous" - Inspired by Pandora's Papers

  2. Moved across the country and expanded our businesses to the west coast. Networked and established strategic partnerships within the Nevada & California regions.

  3. Reviewed vision board to see what all was accomplished in 2022 and updated to reflect new manifestations.

  4. Detoxed the physical body with herbs, vitamins & minerals, realigned chakras for spiritual cleansing and set appropriate boundaries plus removed invaluable factors to elevate mental and emotional restoration.

  5. Hosted an uplifted Kwanzaa celebration to set the intentions for the next 365 days

  6. Obtained new mentors, business colleagues and peaceful energies that will improve our journey to serve, heal and educate

  7. Developed 2023's budget and savings plan.

  8. Outlined 2023's goals and detailed each with tasks for Quarters I-IV

  9. Designed new workout and nutrition plan. Started running a minimum of 1 mile in the new air quality (and to get a sneak peek of beautiful, panoramic mountain views!)

  10. Learned a new language (and working on 2 more this year) to communicate with our global partners and future employees

Perhaps the end of the year may not work best for you however we encourage you to take time to completely unplug, recalibrate and tap into the nueromelanin circulating in your pineal gland. Honing in on your sacral chakra boosts your creative juices so flow away with one of the following crystals that can be obtained at Queendom Cultivation: Orange Calcite, Sunstone, Carnelian, Orange Aventurine or Red Jasper.


Beyonce is "Queen B" but not a billionaire!

This year makes 20 years since Beyonce dropped her first solo album, "Dangerously in Love!" Being a Houston, TX native automatically gets you accepted into the Beyhive however it boggles us as wealth educators on how in the hell hasn't Bey become a billionaire yet. We as fans get caught up in the hype of the music, performances and overall vibe that Beyonce serves but we do not think about the logistics of her business operations nor consider the countless lawsuits and poor decision making that leaves her out of the Black woman billionaire status.

Although it would seem that Beyonce would have surpassed her husband, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter due to all of the endorsements, tours, productions, etc., it appears that he used his hustle (rap music) to contribute to sustainable development goals and has been a billionaire going on 3 years. From private non-profit foundations, contributions to education, investments in stocks, businesses and art in addition to ownership of multiple valuable assets, Jay-Z is paving a way for fellow Black entrepreneurs to follow with the right mindset and plan of action.

In 2016, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs was interviewed on the Breakfast Club and responded to a comment that Jay-Z made stating how he is the "King of New York" by minimizing Sean to only being the "King of Brooklyn." Well from the looks of it, Jay-Z is a billionaire meanwhile Puff Daddy has been out for over 30 years and nowhere near close to becoming a billionaire. We bring this to your attention because so many individuals in our community look up to Beyonce and Puff Daddy yet they are rich, not wealthy. These celebrities both have a platform to teach us all how we too can become financially free yet there is no educational material in sight from either. Puff Daddy's mentor is Ray Dalio, one of the most prestigious investors in our lifetime yet he still struggles to acquire true wealth. Perhaps it's his poor decisions, pointless spending or even his karma from his consistent negative actions. We encourage you to be mindful of who you look up to or desire to want to be like before you find yourself being led blindly and nowhere near fulfilling your true purpose.


Transcend with NNG in 2023!

Transcend with NNG podcast's season 2 premieres on Wednesday, January 4, 2023! We are so excited to present some intellectual, high vibrational and overall dope energies to elaborate more on the "8 Frequencies of Elevation" program and guidance on your path to becoming your best self. Wealth & Wellness Wednesdays are going to be serving you POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PEACEFUL strategies!

Be sure to peruse season 1 or recap so you are ready to hit the ground running with us in a few days. We are still accepting listener mail this season and look forward to providing you with gems that will aid in your overall success. We are available on Anchor, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music.


Detox, restore, repeat!

Quarterly (0r every 3 months), it is essential to detox your body from the toxins, impurities and chemicals that could be hindering your optimal wellness. Many individuals frown upon the idea of cleansing your body because of giving up your guilty pleasures however restoring your body not only aid in a physical cleanse but improves your emotional, mental and spiritual states as well. There are several options to purify your body so please do what's best for your discretion.

We completed a 15-day detox but there are 3-day, 5-day, 1-week, 2-week and 1-month options. Eating all raw foods (fruits, vegetables, salads, dehydrated foods, etc.) will replace the nutrients in your body in the most whole form. Raw eating is extremely bland and requires a palette that can adapt well. Pinterest is our go-to for quick, easy recipes that works with your busy schedule. There are options to take detox capsules however we recommend to read the ingredients, warnings, reviews and ensure the company that you are purchasing from is reputable. Being plant-based can be difficult to find a capsule that is not animal-based. We recommend Black Vegan Shop if you choose to go a capsule route. Since detoxing over the last 5 years, we have been sick 2 times for 1-2 days per instance which has eliminated torture, missed time that could have been devoted to other factors and medical expenses including doctor bills, prescriptions, etc.

You can also participate in intermittent fasting or liquid cleanses (water, tea or fresh juice not from concentrate) however we believe it is essential to provide the body with macronutrients (plant protein, complex carbohydrates, poly/mono/unsaturated fats and water) daily to achieve functional mobility.


Lick of the month

The best way to build wealth is to generate multiple forms of revenue streams. This may discourage entrepreneurs because it may seem overwhelming to have multiple jobs let alone operate several business all at the same time. The key is to make money while you sleep through passive income. Digital products (podcasts, courses, books, etc.), stocks, investments, affiliate marketing, royalties and vending machines tend to be the easiest to develop.

We want to highlight different "licks of the month" that you can try to not be just a side hustle but an actual resource to cover your expenses and liabilities. For instance, having a stream of revenue for your personal bills, another for your business expenses, another for your investments (this includes re-investing into your businesses), another for your savings, another for compounding, another for your personal expenses non-bill related and another for your rainy day fund.

Once you have acquired tier 2 business credit for your business and have proof of income to cover $300-$2,000 per month, obtain a commercial lease agreement. You have the choice to make this a short-term rental for AirBnB, Vrbo, All The Rooms, etc. which may require permits, additional rent or strict regulations. However, you can rent a warehouse, suite in a shopping center, or half of a duplex for an event space. Using options like Peerspace or EventUp can host meetings, private events, workshops or photoshoots with little to no liability. You can furnish the space or purchase equipment or supplies with your business credit and obtain bookings almost instantly without the hassle of maintaining a residential property. This will also build your commercial real estate portfolio in preparation for purchasing future commercial properties.


According to Erykah Badu, are you the 5%, 10% or 85%

85% of the people on the planet are followers. 10% of the people are creators or leaders. 5% of the people are observers. Are you truly making a difference by serving or are you capitalizing off of the brainwashed and blindly led?!

What Erykah Badu explains is that 85% of the population is willing to follow whatever is placed in front of them. The 10% that can create will capitalize off of the fact that the 85% is being led blindly. Meanwhile the 5% may be assassinated, shunned or discredited because they can truly see everything that is truly happening in the world. When you think about it, the 10% is also being led blindly due to the fact they are following what the "rich" is doing to stay rich versus what is right and what will truly help others thrive in this economy.

Which percentile do you fall under?!


New Nation Goddess galvanizes in 2023!

After restructuring our business, we decided to remove some services and heighten others as we work diligently to serve you! No more consulting for start-ups however Transcend with NNG podcast will replace the resources and connect with you individuals who are established and consistently improving best outcomes for the underrepresented (people of color, women, LGBTQ+, veterans and individuals with disabilities). We are excited to announce new partnerships and the ability to grow your business past the start-up time of doom (first 2-5 years).

2023 is fully of educational and tantalizing events, services and products! We mentioned the Transcend with NNG podcast earlier so look out for multiple seasons coming out this year. Kick Cramp's Ass has transformed into a program that will provide womb wellness techniques to our fellow goddesses. Kick Cramp's Ass is not only our first publication but we will be releasing multiple publications over the next few years that are for business development, achieving optimal wellness and personal entertainment in the fiction, LGBTQ+, animation and erotica genres. NNG Events are lining up so we will be presenting, hosting and be speaking at multiple events. First up, we are being featured in Spoken Black Girl's Freedom magazine publication so we will spit our poetry and speaking more about Kicking Cramp's Ass! The virtual launch event is Saturday, January 21, 2023 from 4:00pm-8:00pm EST. Use code SBGfriendsandfam to receive a special discount to attend or feel free to register as a vendor by selecting here!

Consulting opportunities are available for established small and mid-size organizations on a case by case basis (or by referral). If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

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